I don’t have to worry about drawing and filling in my eyebrows on anymore! It was super quick and painless. It felt like tiny little scratches for the first 20 strokes or so, then nothing! Recommend 100%!!
Becca is amazing! My brows are perfect and I'm constantly getting compliments on them. So glad I don't have to fill them in anymore!!
Absolutely thrilled with my eyebrows! I went in thinking I wanted or needed my eyebrows a certain way, but completely trusted Rebecca’s opinion, and so glad that I did.
Becca is very skilled and professional. She did great work on my brows! I'm super excited to have her do my liner. I adore and truly trust her.
Becca did such a great job! I highly recommend her!!!
Becca is a highly skilled artist . In all fields . I wouldn't trust anyone else . I love her & you will to !!!
Becca is a business leader in the cosmetic industry. I’ve worked with her personally and been a client of hers for years. She is incredibly passionate about helping you find the right makeup solutions for your lifestyle and she is deeply committed to delivering a quality product/experience to her clients. I highly recommend Becca for your semi-permanent makeup needs.
You couldn’t get anyone better! She is amazing!!!
Becca permanently tatttood my eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner. Becca is an extreme perfectionist and her work shows. The eyeliner really enhanced my natural lashes even without mascara. She gave a really fantastic shape to my brows and I couldn't be happier. A little chapstick or clear gloss and my lips are good to go. Everything has made my everyday routine so much easier. If you are looking for any permanent makeup I highly recommend Becca!!
My whole experience was amazing . Words can't help me explain how happy I am with my results and I love love love my new brows. Becca is the gal to go see !
Becca did my brows and I LOVE THEM! The office is fantastic , quiet and soothing , making your appointment a wonderful and enjoyable time .
Love my BROWS.....Next I am going to Becca for my LIPS !
WOW WOW WOW. I am 53 yo my brows have turned silver and become thin. I was so frustrated with always having “bad brow days”. No when I look in the mirror I see consistent shape and gorgeous color! I am so glad I decided to invest in my self assurance and beauty. Thank you Becca!