Beauty by Becca is a Permanent Makeup Artist in Tulsa, OK

Welcome to Beauty by Becca. Here, Becca strives to provide quality permanent makeup in Tulsa, OK. Not only is Becca a licensed and insured Medical Micropigmentologost, she is also a licensed Esthetician. In Oklahoma Microblading and Permanent Makeup are required to be done inside a physicians office. Beauty by Becca, LLC is located inside the Institute for Beauty, Wellness & Regenerative Medicine; Under Dr. Nicole Castellese MD a board certified Cosmetic Surgeon. Becca has also worked as a makeup artist for more then a decade now and making women feel beautiful is her passion. Becca also frequently travels for advanced trainings to ensure that you are being offered the best techniques.

From brow permanent makeup to pigmentation for areola reconstruction, Becca is dedicated to providing top-of-the-line industry beauty care. With eyebrow microblading, Becca is comfortable using a variety of techniques to give you the brows you're looking for. From traditional microblading that mimics the natural hair strokes of your brows to ombre brows that provide a more powdered, manicured look, be sure to take advantage of all of her brow services, as well as her eyeliner permanent makeup! Becca also provides the hottest trend in lip and lip liner permanent makeup: lip blushing! Beauty by Becca knows that with over 11 years of happy customers and industry experience, you'll love Becca's talent and incredible customer service. So don't hesitate! Contact Beauty by Becca today and book your appointment or learn more about all of the services Becca offers!

What Makes Us Proud
  • Certifications in Medical Micropigmentation and Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Over 11 Years of Experience
Locations Served
  • Tulsa, OK